Hi. I type words into my computer and words build sentences and stuff. Yay.

All right, more info? Twenty-something Swede who likes spending his time playing a variety of games with his friends, and obviously by himself as well. Lover of basically all RPG mediums, especially tabletop RPGs.

Currently playing/watching:

Table top stuff:

Currently running a shared-world DnD campaign with two other groups of classmates. Really cool.

Planning to play (as GM): We’ll see. I’m planning to run some one-shots every month besides the regular DnD sessions. Looking into A Dirty World, Fiasco and Barkhäxan as some quick and fun games to play for now. The new Delta Green is certainly a possibility as well.

Planning to play (as player): Who knows.

Video gaming stuff:

Slowly working my way through the Dragon Age-series again, while poking around in Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden and some others. Would love to play GRIS before the year is done.


All sorts of stuff.

Do note that this will likely get outdated.


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