Hi. I type words into my computer and words build sentences and stuff. Yay.

All right, more info? Twenty-something Swedebro who likes spending his time playing a variety of games with his friends, and obviously by himself as well. Lover of basically all RPG mediums, especially table-top RPGs.

Currently playing/watching:

Table top stuff:

After playing some Vampire, which was decent, but not my cup of tea, I’m now in two gaming groups, playing a Shadowrun game (continuing with the same party that I GM’d, but hated the rules so I abdicated as GM), and I’m GMing a Numenera campaign for a group of mostly beginner players. Technically I’m also in a third group, but it’s like 80% players from the Shadowrun games, so I just chalk it up as the same group. That group is for Pathfinder. Good times.

Planning to play (as GM): Depends on the group, but I’d love to play some Eclipse Phase and have my eyes on Gumshoe titles like The Esoterrorists and Night’s Black Agents.

As for what’s likely, a couple of scenarios of Noir and PRETTY FUCKING PLEASE I might be running Caleb Stoke’s brilliant Better Angels campaign, No Soul Left Behind.

Planning to play (as player): I’ll play whatever you put in front of me. Currently playing a Shadowrun campaign as well as Pathfinder campaign.

Video gaming stuff:

Computer currently ran into the dirt, so I’m buying a new one. Unsure what’s wrong, but I can’t play anything even remotely demanding. So I’m playing Heroes 3. 😀


Finished Babylon 5 (might make a post, but it could be daunting). Ongoing: Person of Interest, Chicago Fire, and some more stuff I’ve probably forgotten.

Things I’ve seen/played and haven’t reviewed/written about (might do so in the future): The Banner Saga, Wolfenstein: The New Order, The Garden of Words, Oculus, Mr. Jones, Let’s Kill Ward’s Wife, Killer Joe, The Hobbit trilogy, As Above, So Below, The Babadook, Housebound, and lots more.

Do note that this will likely get outdated.


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